This game is not as good as people think. There are still many flaws to fix.

User Rating: 2 | FIFA 10 PS3
OK, let's cut straight to the review. Here. I will lay out the GOOD points and after that's done, the BAD points come in. You may think I'm a harsh critique, but I have my ways.


In FIFA 10, there are a huge number of game modes to play. The manager mode is now more in-depth. The Be A Pro Career is an alternative which lets YOU play with your own virtual pro. But instead of spending experience points to max out your player, you will have to peform the desired accomplishments to add attributes to your player relative to the action you've completed. So this is a good addition.

The graphics are pretty good, so you won't be disappointed when you're playing on a sunny, dry day.


The physics of the game is completely wrong. If you shoot the football at bullet speed compared to the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper does make some frustrating saves which are out of the world. The reaction time is not realistic, especially when they seem to catch it. Still, better than FIFA 11. But this happens when you shoot from around 25 - 40 yards. If you shoot inside the box, you are most likely to score in a more realistic way. What's more? Your own team mate gets in the way of your shot! How stupid is that? There's been many occasions when I shoot and my own team mate seems to stare at the football and run in front of me? It should be more harder to find the opportunity to shoot, not TO shoot. Another thing that's awkward, is when your running (on Amateur difficulty, the opponent just seems to jog rather than actually run against you) towards the goal, the goalkeeper seems to come out of their line and make it unbelievably easy for to just chip the ball above the keeper. If they're that stupid, then why can they achieve spectacular saves with unstoppable shots in an surreal reaction time?

The tackling of this game seems to bother me the most, when you tackle the opponent, the ball seems to go back to the opposition, another of their players. There are times when I do a simple standing tackle and the ball seems to go about 5+ yards away straight to the opponent, THIS isn't right. When you tackle, the player you tackled with should usually have the ball. This has happened several times, especially when your opponent is placing huge attacking pressure on your team mates. And another thing I would like to include this review, is there have been times when your opponent seem to push you completely out of the way, and not getting a Free Kick. There's been times where the opponent should be dealt with a red card, no questions asked. But hey-ho, I guess the referee loves giving your opponent the advantage.

Player overalls don't seem to matter in gameplay. If someone like Lionel Messi who is dribbling at fantastic, speedy pace, a person like Javier Mascherano seems to keep up. This is unacceptable, the attributes don't seem to mean anything. The only way you can notice you need the players who specialise in a certain attribute, is when you're taking a Free Kick or a Penalty, or skill moves. There's also absolutely no difference when you change the position of a defender/midfielder/forward, to a goalkeeper (who's overall should be under 25) they still seem to be able to dive on the other side of the net in just over a split second. Well to me, they still seem like the same, unbalanced type goalkeepers.

In Be A Pro mode, the A.I seem to add extra pressure on to you. From my personal experience, as soon as I get the ball, the opponent comes charging at me, or slide tackling the ball off me. And when the opponent is tackling your team mates, they seem to jockey press them. There's been numerous times where as soon as I got the ball, I am tackled or slide tackled to the ground. And when I DO that, I seem to get a red card. Stupid A.I advantage FTW?

Graphics - 9.3/10

Gameplay - 1.6/10. Unacceptable.

Idea - 7.5/10

Variety of Game Modes - 8.8/10

Final rating - 2.0/10 = Decent game, but I play games with good gameplay. And this is just bullsh*t. Worst game of 2010.