This is a football game that hardly will dissapoint anyone.

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA 10 X360
First football game played by me i think not being totally a manager sim.
Fifa 2010 very well simulates a real football match in my opinion but with some minor flaws hence not the jackpot score it could have been.
I´ve only played it against the game AI but i imagine it must be a brilliant game to play with a friend, son, daddy etc.

The positive
Tweakable difficulty to the maximum so it will suit anyones taste and preference.
All of the worlds football clubs to play accept minor teams.
Lifelike gameplay.
Player moves to make in droves.
I personally don´t find the time during gameplay to execute all the complicated controller combos but maybe im just too slow for the game. I stick with the basic ones.

The negative
The game often memorizes a key pressed so even if it isn´t valid in a given situation the football player will execute an action later when you don´t really want it.
Example: The opponents forward breaks free against your goalie and you try to tackle him. Goalie stops and holds the ball but the not executed tackle results in the goalie throwing out the ball to the other team.
Not so nice.

The commentators are pretty good but becomes repetitive quickly and often isn´t very accurate.
More variety in the comments would have been nice.

Lacks an option to look up team players to approach for buying in the career mode.