A bold attempt to bring FIFA 10 to DS. Ambitious and fun. EA almost pulls it off.

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA 10 DS
The FIFA games are among the leaders in soccer sims, and the DS version of FIFA 10 is no exception. From the get-go, I was attacked by a catchy (but short) selection of awesome soundtrack pieces, an incredible variety of options and gameplay modes, an immense selection of teams and leagues, and the ever present multiplayer option.
I was not happy to settle with my own team and pro (be-a-pro mode is a mixed bag), so, using the Creation Zone (ohh yeah!!!) I made my own. And it was glorious. I do not have WiFi, so I have been unable to try that feature out, but the rest is good.
Soundtrack, clubs/leagues, variety of options/gameplay options, difficulty setting variety.
Disappointing Club and Country be a pro mode. Builds up your excitement about making the world cup, then tells you that you have done a great job and sends you to the menu to start anew... Hmm. The other mode is fine, but I prefer classic.

There are also a number of unlockables, such as new teams and stadiums, which are rewarding to chase down.

All-in-all, a good effort on EA's part. Far from perfect, but good, clean addictive fun all the way through!