Wow this game shows the ps2's age

User Rating: 5.5 | FIFA 10 PS2

Once again another FIFA game for the ps2 with over 25 leagues and loads of countries to play as. With new game modes and features such as be a pro: club or country, pre-match scouting reports and more improved gameplay authenticity.


Fifa 10 the ps2 is basically a whole different game compared to the HD consoles apart from the same modes minus online. Fifa 10 is pretty much the same game as fifa 09 but this time you can represent your country in the fifa world cup on be a pro mode. The game has nothing good about it, its boring and pointless to play for the ps2.


The graphics for Fifa 10 haven't even changed from Fifa 07 on ps2 so they look horrible now compared to xbox 360 and ps3.

Closing comments:

Unless you are a hardcore Fifa fan and you find this game for under 10 bucks stay away because its a boring waste of money.