Fifa 10 is a good game ,but is it a good football game?

User Rating: 8 | FIFA 10 X360
besides the top notch and silky smooth things and how everything works

: like,,

camera angels,graphics,,voice pitch,,the float of the game??=) the cutscenes,,the clean green gras,,the realisticly player models which know (to this point) look exactly like the real person in time,,the publicum,,the in voice dumb comentators,,who has had the same stupidity sayings and same voices how the ygo up and down in their voices,,both fun and dumb and annoying,,clever and boring,,these same voice(commentators),,their accent is not the problem,,just that their accent gets more irritating and annoying,because how much u hear them=),,please just for once come up with new commentators know,,plz allright,,besides all this:

fifa ten is an absurd aboslutely good looking game,,both gameplay wise,,moslty all things actually works somehow,,not everything,but many things,,like the M00des, penalties,the keeper,,offsides,,in throws,,the judge of al lthe in game action (referee),,yellow and red cards,,allthough they r not allways fair?,,,fun game and also nice online ,,lobbies,,etc,,the best online lobbies and online mode,,room?,,

but despite all this,,do i think this awesome footballl game called fifa10 is So awesome??

Well kinda,,fifa was so much funnier before like all the way back to fifa09 ,,now it has become so stellar,,and cliitsjeish, so ridicolusly realistic that it actually ruins this fifa saga,,seems like after every new fifa game coming out every year,,it gets more and more hard,,stylish,,so damn realistic,fixing how the players on the pitch are playing,,it kinda ruin it for me,,the yeven took all this a step further with fifa11,,allthough fifa11 is better,, so to be fair i'll sum this up,,,great game but are all the damn changes needed everytime,,the developers tries to outstand or outrun themselves,,thinking by going for the insane graphics division,,be so damn realistic,,we win this thinng,,now everytone wants to by it,,all these changes for what,,ruin the formula? fifa10 on the ps2 is better=) ?? :p,,how come i liked fifa 02-03-04-05 so much??

All in All a medal of 8.0 =) great score?

--where mah pizza=) pling,,oh yes,,there it was=)

happy Gaming=),,suckers:ppp haha=),lol,