This is not football, is comedy!

User Rating: 1.5 | FIFA 10 PC
A brief comparison with FIFA07 (08,09 not worth mentioning):
1.the passing system is damaged. The automatic 1-2 pass or cross is destroying the game.
2.the shooting is comedy-funny. In football force is not equal altitude. The players looks like they gonna throw the leg away.
3.the defence is still brain-damaged.
4.the goalkeeper is still brain-damaged.
5.the CPU have just one way to score: somehow the striker gets 1 on 1 with your goalkeeper and this is it! Is the only way the CPU scores in this game! (after more then 200 games played)
6.the 07 was good in structure, the 08 was the one with the major changes and is bad, the 09 was the worst and i give 1.5 just for the fact that FIFA10 is a little better then 09.

Conclusion: Don't put a canadian guy to make a game about european football! The "new-automatic" passing system, the 1-2, is a proof they don't know anything about it.