PC users get the short straw in this horrible port of a great console game.

User Rating: 4 | FIFA 10 PC
FIFA 09 was one of the most disappointing games I have ever bought, after it trounced PES 2009 in the reviews I decided to give it a go and made the mistake of getting it on PC. After FIFA 10's glowing reviews I decided to give it another crack but was met with another disappointing port.

Why is FIFA 10 so bad on the PC, well it is because EA have said that most PC's cannot handle the power of the next gen engine for FIFA and they have given us what is essentially the PS2 engine. EA have said in a press release that only "10%" of consumers can run the next gen engine. What they have to realize however is that 90% of the of consumers don't want to get FIFA 10 on PC. The only people who want FIFA 10 on pc are the "hardcore" gamers who use mods and many things like that. Saying that only 10% of consumers can run it is not a valid excuse. What about games such as Battlefield Bad Company 2, also made by EA. If using the same logic you would think only about 5% of consumers would be able to run it.

Anyway enough with the rant and on to the game, obviously the game play suffers because of the old engine and is nowhere near as good as the PC PES series which uses the same engine as their console games. With the keyboard already not being the ideal way to play and 360 degrees dribbling thing is almost unnoticeable with the keyboard. The controls are also not explained very well and stuff like controlling the player celebrations after a goal don't actually work.

The graphics have also taken a hit when compared to the console version with the main differences from last year being the special effects such as depth of field and the like. These are used in replays and they do look quite good but unfortunately they aren't as apparent in actual gameplay with little change in the graphics since FIFA 07. Also it is extremely poorly optimized with gameplay very laggy even with specs above recommended. />

The sound which shouldn't be hard to get right is also mediocre with almost no atmosphere in the stadiums in which you play in, while the commentators do a good job they don't have the same amount of dialogue as the console versions and sometimes the commentary is not relevant with the stuff happening.

What you have here is a shadow of the console game which shows so much promise but doesn't deliver on it. We can only hope that they deliver what I'm waiting for next year, never mind it being 5 years late.