its a good football game but if fifa 11 and 12 or maybe 13 going to really inprove who knows only the people who did it

User Rating: 4 | FIFA 10 DS
a good fifa understanding just a bit disappointing for the game play doesn't really come out clearly if your using it on the 3ds or ds its the same.even if the name 3ds still has a 3 theirs nothing different so i recommended for people who want a really good game i think you should wait for fifa 13 and 12 or maybe just get fifa 10 on another console. the songs of the start menu are not all English. there different game modes there is be a pro and classic be a pro allows you to be only one person but when you get classic it allows you to be every one using the some you can do ball practice and more that are in included in game modes in the section number 2.
if you get to section number 3 you will see setting you set your difficulty and the can normally lower and higher the voice from the side of you nds.the game is really different when you use the other console"s maybe because the screens of the nd are small..