Great game, no Argentinian League Again....

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer X360
well, for sure this game's better than PES 09. Best graphics, Funny commentary, great dribbling moves, awesome balls, shoes, licences. Everything works great (despite excessive hits on the posts, and rebounds from the GK), hitting the ball pressing the RB, it makes you feel like a real "futbol" player.
i really enjoyed the game....but:

Why does this game have the Swiss league/Austria league and there's no ARGENTINA's League? do i have to remind EA that argentina together with Brazil provide the most talented players to all the world? There sure is a brazilian league...but no argentinian! our players are in the most important teams/leagues in europe!! o all over the world! It's not fair that only River Plate, and Boca Juniors are included, it's not enough!!! C'mon!

i hope you find this review useful.