The game is so fun

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer PS3
this game is fun. i played a soccer game on the ps2 and it was great and this is 10x better. if you are a sports fan like soccer, football or lots more this is the game for you. the gameplay is great. you can get yellow cards red cards and free kicks. when you get tripped you will fall great. it looks great. when you dont want to play a match you can play in the area (try to score in the net). the gameplay is great. i play a lot of video games when i am not outside and this one i picked up and just played. this review is not to long but it will tell you what you need to know. if you licked the other fifa games you will like this. you can create a character(it is really fun). i would love to play 2 player with my friends online or split screen. the key is if you like sports games you will love this. it is now cheap so look for 5 or 6 bucks and get it