EA pushes ahead of Konami

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer PS3
It is great to see two football games fighting for supremacy. Not so good for the game not on top but for us it means a game which pushes the boundaries every year. 09 can safely be called Fifa's year, it will be interesting to see if Pes gets there act together for Pes10' but with '360 degree control' feature on fifa 10 it looks like Pes has got it's work cut out.

Fifa 09 has improved greatly in the flow of the game, it has often been complained in the past of the old fifa games that the gameplay is slow and sluggish but this really isn't the case. I have really appreciated this whilst playing it this year. Looking forward to the next one.

One of the other features which must be improved though in the future is the way the player receives the ball. The player seems to sometimes make erratic decisions on how to receive it. Often taking it on the chest rather then the head. However I have every faith in EA sports to improve this bit of the game.