next gen?¿?¿

User Rating: 4 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
So yeah, everybody knows that fifa on pc since 06 just suck, so when EA told us that 09 would be "next-gen" with new graphics and new gameplay we all went nuts... I'm afraid to say that EA talks crap the gameplay may be different, it feels somewhat more "realistic" but the goalies still suck hard and there's no friking way to score a goal from a free kick, it seems that EA thinks that soccer is to make the other team rush forward to your goal and shot or crash into your defense bcuz AI seems to be incapable of making a good long pass or at least to do an intelligent play. Controls are still buggy as hell, it requires a lot of patching to get your pad working, sound is ok bcuz the music is actually really good (this is the strongest point).
Finally, the graphics.... they told us this time they would be awesome and cutting-edge.... Was this some kind of joke or something? something like an early april fools¿? the graphics have been the same since fifa 06 but this time they added some blurry effect and a glossy look to the players to "simulate" the sweat that just looks awful.
Score: 4
Graphics:(we're still playing with the ps2 engine) 6/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 6/10
I really expect a real Next-gen FIFA10...