FIFA 09 is the best football simulator to date,being a lot of fun and at the same time as realistic as possible....

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer PS3
I started playing FIFA games in 1999,with FIFA 99.It was one of my first favorite video games.I enjoyed FIFA in the last decade,every year,with every new game,I stood proud near the FIFA series under the assaults of Pro Evolution Soccer.Ten years after the magnificent FIFA 99, FIFA 09 has come along,to make all football fans or fanatics happy.
In the last couple of years EA hasn't improved much their FIFA games.All the games in the FIFA series from 2006 to 2009 on the PC are identical.I was always a PC gamer and played all my FIFA games on the PC.FIFA 06 was very good,bringing many improvements over it's predecessors,then FIFA 07 was the same thing,identical.FIFA 08 just like FIFA 06,the same 2 year old rubbish.FIFA 09 on the PC does bring small new features but it's not even close to the console version.
FIFA 08 on the PC was rubbish,but the consoles got a great game,one of the best FIFA games in recent memory.It had good and solid game-play,nice graphics and the best online play for a football video game.
FIFA 09 has everything that FIFA 08 had before it,and a lot more.It still plays well.It's the most realistic football simulator money can buy.
The PS3 and XBOX360 version of the game are almost identical.The game has the same menu the last game had.It was a difficult thing for me to get used to the consoles version of the game,and the menu was one of the toughest things to get used to.I still think the PC version has a better menu,more user friendly and it's easier to use.Maybe it's just because I'm used to the PC version,but anyway the menu is the same,and I don't like it.The Arena is still here,you can now change your Arena player.For those of you who don't know what the arena is,it's sort of a training mode,where you control only one player and get used to the controls.It's nothing spectacular anymore,it was last year when I first saw it,but now it's not that new anymore.A new addition however is the fact that before you enter a match,you play in the arena,while the game is loading,after the game has loaded,the arena converts into the stadium you are about to play the game in.You'll just have to press start to begin the game,but controlling only one player,on a full stadium is really cool.This is one of the most interesting small things in the improvements list featured in the game.
The game plays almost the same,but with small improvements over FIFA 08.It's more fluid,the players move more realistic than ever before.It almost seems sometimes that players interact with each other.Sometimes they will point you where to pass the ball.Even if this does always look the same,it always looks good.Also if a thick player tries to stop an other big player,he'll be more likely to stop him than a thin one.That's because,EA says,the players now interact with each other,and their weights and heights are being considered at impact.This sound cool,but I wasn't sure this works,until I saw it with my own eyes.I may have miss-seen but apparently,a small player like Messy will easily be stopped by a tall and stocky player like Staam.I did see this and I thought this may be a sign that EA isn't lying,but I'm not sure.
There so many game modes,that it will be difficult for me to even remember them,but I'll try.
So there is,Be a Pro-which just as last year,lets you play as a single player in any team you wish.You will gather experience points for completing objectives like scoring a certain number of goals,having a certain number of passes and stuff like this.These experience points will add to your fame,your ultimate goal being to become the captain of both your club team and national team and becoming a legend.The main difference this year is that you can play for four seasons,and also switch clubs.So,yet again,FIFA 09 has the same things as 08,but a lot better.
Another game mode is the Manager Mode in which you'll take over a club team and make your way to become a great manager.It's the same deal since FIFA 2004,spawning 15 years of career.It hasn't got many additions but it's probably my favorite game mode.
Lounge Mode is also pretty interesting as it will let you and up to 19 other friends to compete for ultimate bragging in offline multiplayer challanges.Basically,you'll make some scenarios for how the games will be played,like starting in the last ten minutes of the match,3 goals down,and win by two goals.Stuff like that.It's a good mode,and offers pretty high pleasures and thrills.
The Kick-Off Mode is the same thing since 1994 so nothing new to talk about.You pick two teams,and head into a friendly match.
The best part of the game though,is the online play.There are so many online game modes,that you'll just be amazed after playing one for a while and than discovering a new one,which is as good as the first one,maybe even better.
The best mode however is the Be a Pro Mode,in which up to 20 players can build up two teams and play against each other in unranked matches.
Another great online feature is the Adidas Live Season,which let's you stay in touch with the improvements of players during the football season.These updates aren't however free of charge,the cost is around five dollars per league and there are 6 leagues in which you can use this feature.You will have to download updates for teams every week to stay in touch with player transfers and form changes.This feature is basically just for the hardcore fans,but for those eager to have an even more realistic experience,this feature is well implemented and works well.You can however use Adidas Live Season updates just in the Kick-Off Mode,Quick Ranked Online matches and Interactive League matches.
FIFA 09 Clubs is another interesting online mode.You can set up your very own FIFA 09 club and play matches against other teams.You team is based on a real team,and you can scout for other players and make them come in your team.This is a great addition,just like the clan modes in shooter games.
FIFA Interactive World Cup is a mode that let's you play in online matches,to gain experience points and ultimately become the best FIFA player in the world,it is quite difficult,as most of the players using this mode are usually very skilled.I played four games,lost three and won only one.You will have to play many games and qualify for official EA FIFA tournaments and become the best player in the world.It sounds great and it really is.
A new feature in this years FIFA is the Custom Tactics in Team Management.You can customize the defensive and attacking play of any team in the game.It works well and you can see differences in how the team plays by making them go all in offense or by making them play the offside trap.This new feature has a little of EA's FIFA MANAGER in it,and it works well.
Another important thing in the FIFA games has always been the soundtrack and this year,the game has a good soundtrack,but worst than its predecessor.FIFA started having good soundtracks in 2004,then in 2005 they had a very good soundtrack.2006 saw probably one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard in a game,2007 being just as good as 2005 and 08 being well,fair.09 is also,fair,but it hasn't got any good songs that you'll remember the game by.I remember 2004 for Paul Okenfold's song,or whatever his name was,then 2005 for the crazy japanese song and the Franz Ferdinand song,06 had Ceasars with Jerk it Out,which probably is the best FIFA song to date.FIFA 09 hasn't got any great songs,and it's a pitty because FIFA used to have a great soundtrack.
The commentators are the same since 2006,but they do seem to have more speeches up their sleeves,they know more names and also know more about rivalries between teams and things like that.The game features commentary in more languages than just English.English is the foreign language I speak best,but I use French because it feels more live than in English,and besides that,French sounds splendid.
I haven't found many problems in the game.Probably because I only saw the good things,the game-play is very addictive,and it will just suck you in.The graphics are good,and the online play as good as it can be.All in all,the game is very good,and if you're even a small football fan,you have to get this game.It seems like EA has won me again with this great game.So after the great FIFA 08 after which I thought EA couldn't do any better,they just did with FIFA 09,wonder what they'll do next year...

My Score 9.3