Well,im actually impressed

User Rating: 7.5 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
Lets face it,EA kinda screwed up with FIFA series starting with 05-06 i mean i used to love FIFA 2005 than WTF i tried all the newer games and i had the same impressions and it feeled like playing the same game but with different title number.Wanna to quit them but hell lets give it a shot to fifa 09 maybe they learned something from the previous.
This game had the SAME sh*t but it didnt let me down totally!
I kinda liked the well designed menu,the music and the gameplay wasnt great but it was a little better than others...how to say...this game was a bit more fun than the previous! But not totally,its still let me down because....it was the same sh*t lol the same engine same graphics same same SAME!
This game will get a 7.5 from me cus its good compared to other fifa fails but using the same engine and graphics wont let me cross the line.If u really into these soccer games and really like sports i do recommend to buy this game.