EA has just made an overhaul in the FIFA old engine. There are some letdowns, but from far you see the differences.

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
Finally they revised FIFA for PC. Of course, we cannot make any comparisons with the amazing PS3/X360 FIFA 09, but the new things are very nice. EA has just made an overhaul in the FIFA old engine. There are some letdowns, but from far you see the differences.

Ok, the graphics are surely the part of the game that EA made most changes. The effect is a very well made visuals, from the grass, to the players. The stadiums still very bad, with that plates in the stalls. Some of the things present in PC Euro 2008 isn't in the game, like the coach, and the substitutes. But it's still a very well made visuals.

The game plays like never before, the game is fast at exact degree. The mouse controls are good, and even the bugs don't destroy a very nice idea (I'm just don't know why no-one realizes that mouse play for a soccer game is a great idea). Finally the AI opponent players don't make that strange mode of play, using the pace control every time. However, the defensive system still needs some repair, because your and their players like to leave your defence open (don't you think that these action are very strange?). If you don't make a counter attack, then they will defend better.

One of the things that the bad (PC)FIFA 08 has was the nice Be a Pro mode, a new play for the old formula. This year, we really have a good game play on it, with the new "Action Camera" - camera positioned behind you player, and zooming in or out depending on situation. Be a pro still have the "works" to do, like making a number o passes, defending well, or making a goal. Now we have four seasons to play, the option to change the club, etc. The on-line play is nice, but without the 10 vs. 10 be a pro.

Still, the other modes are very solid, mainly the manager mode. Always, it's a lot better than the Master Mode from Pro Evo, and have some small, but nice additions, like the custom tactics integrated. Finally, you can play one tactic per game.

The edit mode is one letdown, because they work none here. The only great new thing is the create a player that take advantage of the new graphics to give us the chance of making really nice characters (my character looks like me). Of course that everybody will create a custom team, but the options to the creation are too much limited. In this sector, Pro Evo is by a great difference better.

The soundtrack, as a tradition, are very great. The musics are varied, is difficult to find a bad music. Using groups like CSS, Junkie XL, Jupiter one, taken from all world, the producers really made a good work. Completing with the recycled, but still great supporters sounds, good commentaries by narrators,and gorgeous interfaces - menus, the game show other always great side: attention to detail and great presentation.

FIFA isn't a game for all enjoy. But surely for most people enjoy. The game is light, fresh, and for sure, the best PC FIFA i've ever see.