I wanted to select dissapointing but no it really is disastrous,

User Rating: 1 | FIFA Soccer 09 PC
I`m really sorry for the creators but they really screwed it up........ Of course in the beginning it looks very nice, nice graphics nice gampeplay nice everything, but when u really play it for some time u realize how many flaws it has.... I`ve been playing fifa since `94 so i believe they should reconsider their position about football.
1 The main problem is scoring : i have a Question for the creators do u really watch football on TV?! or on anything?! when was the last time u have seen a football match ending 15-11?!
No really i have a picture with that score... sure u would say there are to awfull players but no.... if to of the best players play this game it is impossible to end the game under 8-9-10 goals per match........ of course is fun but what do i do when i see my goalkeeper is sadly stupid :(((
2 About the gameplay : well i hope PUYOL dont play this game because his play is so damn wrong he loses all the battles he cant run he cant take a pass he cant do anything (this is only one player witch is awfull u should see others there are few real player)
3 And this is the last one because i really dont wanna write to much, pleasa i want u to tell me how many goals have u seen on TV with the shot made from 50 metters ?! yes thats wright because in this game u can take about 7-8 per game it depends if u know how to do it...............
i`m really sorry i have baught it but i love FIFA and football so much i just couldn`t stop.....
If u really want someone to tell u how is the real football and how a real football game i believe we should have a discussion !!!!