I really like it. But I liked FIFA08's tighter controls better. The new game, and it must be said, is really smooth.

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer PS3
Well.. first impressions then since I havent had the game that long.

My friend who I played online, whipped my arse at it first night.

Usually with 08 It was the other way around.

I found the new game is really fluid, so much that the game has changed its roots. This is not a bad thing at all in my opinion its just that it is different now.

Players are more sloppy and inputs are much more precise. A slight tilt of direction on a pass and your last man back will boot the ball out of bounds like he saw a ghost.

There is no longer as much toeing of the out line either.

It has though got beautiful visuals and the goal celebrations actually "very nearly" look like their real life counter parts.

The commentary is amazing as usual in true FIFA style - fluid and fast.
You almost forget that its the little PS3 pushing this gorgeous game at 1080p sometimes. Really nice work there.

I found the new menu system nice to play with and the layout aesthetically pleasing.
It is easy to hook up with a friend online and get straight into which also should be commended.

All in all I have a lot of moves to learn as FIFA's controls are very deep, and while easy to play they are hard to truly master.

Soccer fans dont even blink about buying this, sports fans should have a rent and non-sports fans.. well you know who you are - you shouldn't buy this. It is really hard but extremely rewarding for those interested.