Really just an update on the previous version, but a veryy good update at that.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer X360
Each year there seems to be this argument in football gamer circles what is the better franchise. Pro Evo or FIFA. From where I am standing FIFA has always had the wood over the Konami fanchise as it always just seemed to be more fun, plain and simple. Autheniticity is nothing in a game if you are not complete in your goal and a total void of actual licenced players, kits and stadiums is a rather big gapping hole from Pro Evo. But lately I feel that FIFA has been passing Pro Evo in almost every way. FIFA 09 is the start of this supremacy.

Even Pro Evo gamers will tell you that FIFA is now competing with them in the quality of the football in game, it is now not just a flashy, better looking football game, it also has substance. This is largely due to the fact that EA Sports are making improvements every year while Pro Evo seem to subscribe to the philosophy of "if it aint broke, dont fix it".

But enough of my FIFA propeganda and move onto the game itself. In the visual department it doesn't differ too much from 08, where it really hits its stride is the improved physics and AI in the game. The body to body tussles seem more authentic as well as the slide tackles for that matter that give the franchise a much needed improvement in the defensive department. This feels very similar to 08 in the standard game set up but feels vastly different in the Be A Pro Mode which is without a doubt the biggest improvement in 09.

Be A Pro now can be used in a season set up where you take a control of your favourite player or one you have created for 4 years. Over this team you can compete in your league as well as national teams, moving up from a reserve player to captain of both club and country. You can also move to higher clubs and enhance your player's reputation in the world. This is probably the most enjoyable mode in the whole game and brings the customization of the franchise to a whole new level. I decided to play as Per Ciljan Skjelbred from Rosenberg and in a few short seasons I had made him Captain of Norway as well as Captain of Real Madrid. To see you develop one of the world's most promising young players into a world champion is more satisfying than I could have hoped for. The game is worth the purchase purely on this mode alone, not to mention the online 10 v 10 games that show some real promise.

Other than this mode all I can say is if you are a fan of the franchise buy it, all the modes are still their to keep you entertained. That said if you are a fan you probably bought it already and just wanted to read this to see what others think. For those who are unsure of which franchise to buy there is no better time to get into FIFA as it now has a great and deep gameplay as well as the polish that it has always had. For Pro Evo fans I assume you would have stopped reading about a paragraph ago, professed I don't have a clue and now wait for the next Pro Evo title. Well I say to you, as a stop gap while waiting for Pro Evo, it wouldn't kill you to hire this one out and admit it is a quality football game that will entertain.