"Let's FIFA '09"

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer PS3
The above tagline says it all!!! To date it is the best version of FIFA soccer ever made, making it one of the most reputable games in the sports genre. Many soccer video games have come and gone but have not been able to reach up to the expectations of gamers and soccer maniacs alike but FIFA 09 stands out!!!!  The only serious competition it faces 'currently' is from pro-evolution soccer but eventually even that got thwarted due to FIFA 09's innovative features, updates and additional add-ons!!!! One of the unique features which have been introduced to the game is the 'commentary' during the match, it's AMAZING!!! EA sports has truly done justice to this particular area.

Well as for the other features , extra modes have been added to this edition of FIFA through updates like the Adidas live season and ultimate team mode. The other modes include manager mode, be a pro mode, tournament mode etc. In the manager mode you get the opportunity to manage your favourite teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan etc. or any other team of your choice. The team can be selected based upon the region and the leagues comprising that particular region(Eg: England-Barclays premier league, Spain-LIGA BBVA etc) The speciality of this mode is that you must play the matches using your respective team as well as make decisions that is of benefit to the team i.e. through customization of squad formations and the team itself, staff upgrades(attack, midfield, defence, goalkeeping, scouting etc) and the best part is you get to manage your own money in order to upgrade as well as buy and sell players when the transfer window opens!!!! The other good feature is that your team gets to participate in other leagues such as ECC, FA CUP, and of course Barclays!!!! Ok now moving onto 'be a pro' mode, in this one you have to select a single player from any team of your choice and develop his skills by playing the matches. You can 'only' control the player you have chosen and not other members of the team which makes it more of a challenge!!!! In the Adidas live season you get to upgrade any '1' of the leagues of your choice in which the latest or new additions (new players) to the teams will be synced with your FIFA profile......isn't that awesome!!! If you want to upgrade the other leagues you'll have to pay for it online (this is the lame part) In case of the 'ultimate team' mode, you get to create your very own football team/squad consisting of your favourite players which is in my opinion............ absolutely fantastic!!!! But the drawback is that.........it's limited to online gameplay and not offline. Nevertheless it is fun to face off against enthusiastic gamers around the globe

The add-on to the game is that the trophy system has been introduced, which was very thoughtful of the development team since it makes us spend more time playing FIFA 09 in order to get some trophies!!!! And now you get to view your stats online which is based upon your overall performance. This feature was not available in the previous versions of FIFA since comparison of players and online play was limited.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this game to all soccer maniacs around the globe and to all those who would like to have some plain ol' fun!!!!! FIFA 09 really brings you one step closer to the real football world and will leave you Awestruck!!!!