This game sports great graphics and improved gameplay

User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA 09: World Class Soccer X360
This game is the best Fifa game to date. It improves on the gameplay, controls, and graphics of its predecessors fairly well.

The overall atmosphere of this game is exactly what I would expect from a soccer game. It puts you right in the action on match day and keeps you there in the front row. With this atmosphere, a huge selection of clubs and leagues are at your disposal. To further this atmosphere, the ability tro control goal celebrations is an extremely nice touch.

There is still a fault with this general atmosphere though. You spend way too much time chasing the ball when you don't have possession. The computer makes random turns with no general direction or intention of scoring a goal in mind. Also, the tackling needs work. This is probably the most frustrating part of the game. The referee feels the need to penalize you constantly for borderline tackles while the AI gets away with injuring half of my team with its disasterous challenges.

The commentary is extremely authentic and what you'd expect it to be. Neutral and unbiased. This teamed up with the crowd singing their club's anthems supports the overall atmosphere.

Career mode has its holes also. This management simulator seems to have gone backwards in development throughout the games. You don't have the visual sim ability, which makes this mode way too long to enjoy fully. They should also allow more personal team management, such as kit numbers and colors. Be a Pro mode is pretty much the same, it lasts forever. But it is very realistic. Having to constantly monitor your position gives you the feel of being on the pitch on a Sunday morning on your favorite team's field: Ivy Lane for me! (Go Tottenham!!!) The 10 v 10 online mode is absolutely amazing, enough said.

In the end, this game is probably the best soccer simulator made. The authenticity and atmosphere make this game simply outstanding.