Not even close EA, horrible.

User Rating: 6.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 PSP
First of all, this game is horrible. Now, the loading times are long, career mode takes longer to load than to play. Graphics are decent but gameplay is catastrophic. Everytime i touch the ai players, it's a foul. And when they shove me down in the penalty area, the game goes on, really annoying.
EA decidede to stick in some annoying mini-games instead of enhancing gameplay, this resulted into a game loaded with a s****** of annoying mini games and long loading times, but if that wasn't enough, they even added multiplayer.
In my opinion, multiplayer is worse than single player. The lag is unbelievable.
I'm playing multiplayer, but it feels like i'm watching a slide show. Try it for yourself to see what i mean.
In short, i definitely do not recommend this game, stay away from it if you can, or buy Fifa 10.