Great Game! Tons of fun!

User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 PSP
I got this game for my birthday. It is a ton of fun, one of the best game modes is manager mode. In this mode you get to make important choices, like who to sign and who you should choose to sponsor your team. You can read the newspaper of the country your in to find out what people are saying about your team. After the game reporters ask you questions you can answer them like a nice coach or a mean snappy one. The gameplay is really good although the frame rate can sometimes slow down. There are also minigames like juggling and wall attack. This is a great game and I would highly recommend this game to anyone that plays soccer or just knows about it. You don't have to know a lot about teams to have a lot of fun. It wont be easy at first though, I got whopped my first 5 games. Its easier after about 10 games. All in all this is a AWESOME GAME!!!!!!