After you let your feet familiarize themselves with the ball, it's time to whip up some finger action fun.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA Soccer 08 PSP
Fifa 2008 is a game i highly encourage you to get. The game is truly an experience, and because it never gets boring, it lasts a long impression. It's great for passing the time and when you don't have the opportunity to play a real match with your friends, you can play it here. Ill admit the box cover does not at any means appeal to the consumer, but the gameplay is incredible.

To be honest, i never expected a sports game to have so many different modes, nor did i expect such a game to have a great track list of songs! I was really impressed when i started playing at how many different teams their are. The game is really an incredible experience and it is truly impressive how many different teams, balls, stadiums and kits EA Sports put in. You can see they spend their time wisely.

As a conclusive statement, you don't find many sports games like this that qualify for such a good rating that i give it. I would say it's mostly because this type of genre can tend to get boring after a while, yet i never get bored of playing this!