Fifa 08 is a lot of fun, but it's a step back in the series with tons of problems.

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Soccer 08 WII
Fifa Soccer 08 for the Wii is a fun game and should only be bought by soccer fanatics, and rented by others.

The Good : Good graphics, fun and addictive, has an amazing array of teams, and decent controls.

The Bad : The announcers always say the same thing, only 3 modes , EA's Footii Party games are boring, plenty of glitches.

Alright so I'll start off with the good stuff. The graphics : great for a Wii game and you can tell mostly everyone on your team apart. The game is also fun and addictive. Scoring goals is always fun, and the more you score the beter. Fifa 08 has plety of teams to choose from ranging from the International teams to the Barclays Premier League to the Italian Serie A teams. The controls are great and easy to use. You press A to pass the ball or change character, you swing left to right or right to left to score or tackle your oppenent, and you swing up to kick the ball far or for a corner kick/free kick. Only problem with the controls is that sometimes they are unresponsive so you might have to swing 2 or 3times to succesfully kick the ball on a free kick.

Now the bad...THE ANNOUNCERS! They are in every single game and boy are they annoying. They will make you want to put your TV on mute. They always say the same things and make up random stuff. For ex : "Last time these two teams met the offensive beat them by 3 goals" and you probably would have beat the team 5 - 0. Another bad thing, only 3 modes!. There's kick-off ( exhibition matches ), tournament, and the EA Footii Party modes. Kick-off is basicaly exhibition, tournament mode is basically Leagues. For example, if you want to play as Manchester United, you would go to the English Barclays Premier League and play 38 matches to become the champions. Or you could create your own tournament, group knockout,knockout,etc.,add the teams you want in it,etc all that good stuff.Now all of that is fun, but it's not enough. The Footii Party games are family friendly and use your Mii's and consist of foosball and trying to kick the ball without it falling plenty of times which are pretty much boring unless you are under the age of 10. Also, Fifa Soccer 08 has plenty of glitches. Sometimes your player will go invisible, and all you see is their shadow. And sometimes when you score a goal with th invisible person, a fake person celeberates. Also sometimes when you score a goal ( let's say Cameronesi scores a goal) another person will show up as if they scored ( and Tevez shows up to celebrate and he gets the credit ).

Well Fifa 08 is tons of fun if you love soccer, but there's not much to it and has many problems. Rent the game first but if you could put up with those problems and have fun scoring goals go ahead and buy the game.