If you are a soccer fan, play this or another of the FIFA series

User Rating: 9 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
This game is awesome. I own it, I scored, I dominated. You get to play as much games as you want, even after you finished Manager mode, there is another manager mode you can do. I loved the game.

The good: You get new club kits, ever lasting manager mode. Real boots for most professionals (C.Ronaldo wears his Nike Mercurials) and lots of other things.

The bad: Can't do UEFA champions league and when making a new character, you cant get REAL boots (Nike Mercurial, Adidas Predator etc), only these random as EA sport boots and plus, most of the professionals get real boots, why don't the character you make get real boots.

Overall: THIS GAME IS AWESOME! i just love it (except for the bad parts).

PS: I recommend you to get the PS3/Xbox 360 version of this game, because when you then make a new player, you get real boots.