Does This Game Have ANYTHING New?

User Rating: 6 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
Review For FIFA 08

Good 3 Points

1. Good Graphics
2. New Teams
3. Good Career Mode

Bad 3 Points

1. The Game Is The Same As Last Year
2. Boring
3. No New Content


Just The FIFA 07 With A New Cover On. Its Really Irritating. But They've Managed To Acheive Making It Even More Boring Than Last Year. I'm Not Buying FIFA 10. No Freakin Way. Just A Pathetic Bland Football Game

Why 6.0

I Just Don't Like The Fact The Game Has No Effort Put Into It. Yeah If Its Your First FIFA Its Alright. But If You've Been Buying Football Games For The Past 8 Years Its Not. Everything Is The Same Each Year. Carreer Mode Is The Only Thing They've Updated. And I Enjoyed That. That's Why Its Given A 6. Its No Better Than Any Other FIFA

Game Stats

Gameplay 6/10 Get's Boring
Graphics 10/10 Good.
Sound 5/10 Stupid Music.
Overall 6/10