EA continue to pump out the same FIFA game, they should really stop. They're producing trash every single year.

User Rating: 6 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
I'm bored, I'm sick of seeing all these FIFA commercials on TV, and Pro Evolution Soccer doesn't come out for another week. Everyone makes mistakes, what was my mistake last week? Purchasing FIFA 08, I mean purchasing trash.

Let's start with the graphics. The ball bobs up and down the pitch when you pass, how realistic. The players look like lego models when you see them in a scene. And the crowd? If Pro Evo gets the blame for a bad crowd, this is a joke. The menu is decent with the graphics, and it looks like the develops spent hours on the menu, minutes on the actual player graphics. Van Persie looks 1 metre big to me when I scored with him. Basically, the graphics are awful, nothing compared to Pro Evolution Soccer. Jaggy summaries this up, the legs look like they're about to disappear in any second from the players.

The gameplay can save some hope, right? Yes? Well, yes, obviously. The gameplay is still the same old FIFA rubbish everyone plays, it feels robotic, not realistic at all, the shooting is an absolute joke. The dribbling skills could be done by my 2 year old cousin, and the through balls idea just doesn't work. So what saves the gameplay? The features! The new Be A Pro feature is no where as good as it could have been, this is one of the ideas that the developers of FIFA have had that could of been excellent, yet failed. The feature is good, yes, we've wanted something like this for some time now, and thank god they introduced it, but it looks like they've not spent any time on it, at all. Commands are to call for the ball, call for the through ball, order someone to cross, defend or shot. Anyone could of done that, honestly. Why not integrate something advanced in Be A Pro, such as playing with a new tactic, or telling your players to counter attack, why aren't these features integrated? The reason to that is simple, and I will ainnswer it in my final chapter of this review, I want to tell you some other things.

The sound. Something FIFA's always done good on. Not much to say about this one, yes there is still the babyish hip hop songs, but I want some FOOTBALL songs in it, maybe a club theme tune whenever you play with a certain theme. You can control the songs however, the sound, playlist, etc. The sound is good, but quickly decreasing.

This game costs £30 for PS2, or £40 in some shops. Is this game worth that much?
Think about it, do you want to play a half assed game, that looks messy, jaggy, work in progress features installed for every day and pay £30 for it?
I wouldn't, but I did, and I returned it the next day.

So my final chapter of this, a short one, but it's not a very common chapter in a FIFA review.

If you think I should be shot for writing such trash, listen to this. Do you want to buy the same game every year, with new features that are no where near completion, with the same boring songs, same boring players on the menu, every year? Do you want to buy a game produced by developers? No, I don't, I want to buy a game produced by football developers. People who know what's what, how to shoot, how to dribble, and they can incorporate it in the game.
Not this trash.