EA will lose a lot of fans with this!

User Rating: 4 | FIFA Soccer 08 PC
I've played all Fifa games since the beginning back in 1993. Since then every Fifa has evolved to a better game, untill now.

I did not play the next-gen version but before you buy this game on PC, please notice that the PC version is current-gen! That means PS2 graphics and AI.

First of all the new "Be a pro" mode. You can play as one player instead of all 10, which sounds nice and looked very good on next-gen. On the PC you won't get any indicators, other camera positions behind the player or what so ever. The ONLY difference between be a pro and a normal game on current-gen is that you can't switch players.

The ambiance and sound is top-notch on Fifa allthough the commentary can get repetive.

The graphics are very very ugly. A lot worse then Fifa07, even on the highest resolution. Replays will blur everything. It looked ok in Fifa07 but now it looks as blurry as looking through your grandpa's glasses. The game has a lot of bugs, from players who'll just stand still and do nothing for a couple of minutes, to wrong animations (animation shows player A takes the corner, and in the next shot it's player B).

It seems like EA has worked 11 months on the next-gen versions and 1 month on the PC version. If you allready own Fifa 07, then don't bother buying Fifa 08 on the PC. It seems like the everlasting battle between Fifa and Pro Evolution has been won by Fifa on the next-gen consoles, but Pro Evo (which is next-gen on the PC this year) has won the PC battle.

+ Ambiance & Sound
+ Lot's of teams, players, leagues

- Bugs
- Graphics
- Current Gen