Not really a new game, more like a update, but a worthy game

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
This is the review for Fifa 08.
the game is a pretty solid all rounder with decent graphics, but not much better than 07. The AI for the opposition is better, they are not very stupid any more, i have it on Semi-Pro difficulty. There are some new stuff for 08. i will take you through them,

Be a Pro mode: Now i have played a few matches in this mode, it is quite good, you are able to choose an existing player or make your own and play as him, and you can make him join any team. the overall skill of your player is 60, but you improve him as you go along. There is also a new camera angle called "Be a pro mode" but it isnt much difference as the default camera angle last year.

There are also a few new stick trick moves which are nice. with some signature moves for some players

Graphics: Now as I said before, the graphics dont improve much on Fifa 07 so that is a let down, but the players now look a bit more realistic.

Sound: This is the good bit, the soundtrack is even better than last years with some well known tracks. The crowd noise has increased when you score a goal to give it a bit more meaning when you score, the only let down are the commentators, nothing too much has changed. i have only noticed a couple of new recordings for the game.

Gameplay: Last seasons Fifa really annoyed me by how slow it was, the loading times were so slow, but Fifa 08 is much faster and is much smoother when playing.

Design: There has been alot of design changes for 08. the menus in my opinion look much better.

overall this game isnt a neccesity if you have fifa 07 but still delivers, rent it first to decide if its worth a buy