User Rating: 9.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 X360
Firstly after having read other reviews (on other sites giving this an 8) and their tendency to keep complaining about how hard it is to score, i have to a real football game. I cant get over this years fifa. Its the best soccer game ive ever played. Too real most say? Havent we all been looking for the best simulation soccer/football game?

Gameplay-I was disappointed with fifa 07. no skill tricks when playing with Christiano Ronaldo. Now doing step overs in the flank and the satisfaction of passing a SMART ASS AI pleasing. Scoring goals is difficult and i love it. PLaying FIFA07 scoring 8 goals or mor made me frustrated of how blind the goalies were. Now they dive and save the ball with such finnesse and realsim, it frustrates me in a good way. When i eventually scored with Tevez with 10min to go i jumped out of my seat. Manual passing is hard but awesome. placing the perfect pass requires a heap of timing and patience.

Modes-Be a pro! wat a mode this is. no doubt, for me anyway, being a midfielder is satisfying. getting majority of the ball and possibly scoring is great. Oh and the camera angle...Gears to the max when your running. Last year there were hardly any leagues. Now that theyve added practically everything, even the A-league here in AUS, i was extatic. I can finally start a parallel season with sydney fc(who are struggling right now btw...come on junhinio damnit). Oh and tournament mode. I can finally imitate the world cup without buying the game.

Ambience-the sound in the game i unbelievable. at times repetitive but the most realistic commentary ever. Music is the usual earo sound. Even an Aussie band in their. go CAT EMPIRE.

Graphics-REALLY good. Not 100%. but really good. Some players look like they gained a few pounds in the off season but eh we all do. Rooney looks like a troll though. Oh and have you seen Henry's eyes in the game? looks like he saw a ghost.

Overall-Fully Sick. simple as that not much to complain aobut. Simply Brilliant