User Rating: 8.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 PSP
Fifa 08 is an excellent update from Fifa 07. The game is so great and had all the new transfers and there are more leagues than PES and more teams. Fifa 08 has online play which PES doesn't have on the psp. This game is of a very high standard and it is even more realistic than all the other football games which make it the top of the football game. the game is the first one to put goalkeeper control which makes the saving and the movement more realistic and more flexible.There is this new feature called the interactive leagues which makes you play online with your favourite club against your rivals and other teams within the fixture for a lot of leagues so you can probably find your team there. There is a lot of some sweet technique in the game that i enjoyed doing the game is so great and i look forward to playing Fifa 09. It would probably get better. :)