You can see that this game has it's ups and downs. It's a game that I would reccomend, but you'd have to be a rebel!

User Rating: 6.5 | FIFA Soccer 08 WII
Have you ever played any Fifa game? Ever wondered if Fifa is a good choice? Wan't my thoughts on the game? Well I shall tell you about the ups and downs of Fifa 08 Wii!!

The Wii game has several Categories. There is Kick-off. A section including game modes. You could play Footi Party. There's a cool section called My FIFA 08. And finally Ea Sports extra's. I'll go through most aspects of these categories!

First there's Kick-off. Kick-off is simple to explain. It's the "pickup game" in soccer. The feature shows many great teams. From Ac Milan to Wolfsburg. It has 30 leagues. But it also showcases 2 other groups. There's International. If you wan't to add all your countries greatest current players on a team. There also is a group called World-X. That Group is actually consists of only two teams! But those teams dominate totally. There's a team for current all-stars. So it's like your international all-star team. Then there's classic. If you wan't to play with some of the legends of the past. Well go ahead!!!

Game Features. This is a real downslide for Fifa. Even though it consists of online play it still hurts the game. The online games are exiting. You can go and play with people all across the world. Then try and become the top player! But sometimes the internet can crash. Thus making people very mad! You also have to create a username. Which makes it a real hastle plugging in your password and username every single time. Instead of being able to just quickly go and automatically play a player. Online is almost the exact thing as interactive leagues. But in interactive you get to play for you favorite team and try to get them on top of the leaderboard. Then you could start to play the miraculous tournaments! They let yourself customizable self fly! Your able to pick the teams you wan't in the tournament! How fun is that! If you wan't to challenge yourself… well go to challenges! You're able to compete in games where you try to finish an object. It's like if your team is down by 3. The game might want you to get a hat-trick with Eto'! You can see how the features can be fun or just a huge hastle.

Footi Party, in my opinion, isn't worth it at all. It's just like some of the other "motion" wii games. It's way to complicated, and boring. You can play a header/ball keep-up game, where all the idea is to hit the designated button, quickly. You could play foosball. Do you like playing foosball? Well in the real world it's fun, but this is just a waste of time. You have to "twist" your wii remote, and do other boring things. There also is a "penalty kick" game. You have to somehow "aim" (something I haven't been able to do) and just aim it to the points. Lame isn't it?
Just like most of the other features in the game. The My Fifa and Extra's are really limited. You don't have much to do. You can't do much. You can't go and create a team. Which is one of my favorite things to do in the game. The extra's, too aren't anything I'm approving.

Though you may think this game is a "total" failure. But you'd say that it does have one or two good innovations. The wii controls, if used properly can be fun. You actually, throw the ball in, but it still isn't the greatest though . It has online, which I would say, is AMAZING.

My Final Thoughts:
If you are intentianily looking for a game to cherish, go ahead, buy this game. If you have a specific amount that you don't want to "waste". Well don't buy this game. This game is a really good game for family play. I think some of you might be disappointed, but hey, it's a game. You'd still love it…