FIFA 08 is an great soccer game from EA Sports and features a number of soccer leagues, teams and stadiums.

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 08 X360
FIFA 08 for Xbox 360 is an great soccer game featuing a number of the world's soccer leagues, teams and a number of stadiums from all over the world.

FIFA 08 features commentary from Martin Tyler and Andy Gray on the Xbox 360 version of the game. There a number of features that are new to the franchise, not seen in any previous installments, like 'Be A Pro Mode' and cooperative play on the Xbox 360 version. 'Be A Pro Mode' is where the player plays as a single player for the whole match. The player picks who they wish to be before starting the game, goalkeepers are not available in this mode to play as.

FIFA 08 features over 600 real teams, about 30 leagues and around 15,000 soccer players. FIFA 08 features over 40 teams in the international league.

FIFA 08 features a number of new leagues like the Australian Hyundai A-League along with a number of others which are all playable.

The game also features an impressive soundtrack from a variety of artists.

I found FIFA 08 a great soccer game and can be picked up relatively cheap now with great graphics and audio.