Amazing and well change game. Ambitious one.

User Rating: 8 | FIFA Soccer 08 PC
This was the first FIFA version I ever laid my hands on. I am one of the few guys who started taking a keen interest in football after playing the game. That explains the reason why i did not play the previous versions of the game. Why I took a liking to this game, well I will tell you.

Firstly is the game play. This is one of the most engaging toughest games I have ever played. Most of the games that I play, the PC is at some level conquerable, but not the same with this game. The game has infused Artificial Intelligence to whole different level here. There are 4 default levels of difficulty- Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class. The first 3 are some what manageable, but World Class, oh boy! It is so difficult to win against a 4 and 4+ team. I still remember one match, where the payer who was taking a free kick, changed his direction because I changed my goalie's direction, and guess what that player scored.

The other things I like about this game is it integrity. What I mean by this is, each player that is programmed in the game has the exact features and skills like he does in real life. Every player of the game is unique. Everyone has a different style of playing. This made the game even more interesting.

The game has many modes to choose from. They are

Manager Mode
Tournament Mode
Practice Mode
Challenge Mode
Online Mode
Co-op season
Zone Play
Be a Pro

All are equally challenging and entertaining enough to play. My personal favorites are Manager Mode, Tournament Mode and Challenge Mode. Manager Mode has all the basic features of a manager. It is quite challenging to play this mode. You have a lot of responsibilities from transferring players, to fulfilling Board's expectations. In Tournament Mode you can create your own tournaments. Challenge Mode has different challenges. You complete two Challenges and you unlock Legendary Mode.

The graphics is not that much powerful but it remain nice to play and very attractive but I did not care much for the graphics after playing the game, since it is a highly engaging, addictive, one of a kind game ever to be made. I still play it for 2 hours a day, and have been doing this since the past 1 year.