Even with its flaws, this game is still fun to play

User Rating: 7 | FIFA Soccer 08 PS2
I have always been a fan of of the fifa series and I have to say that when I first played this game I was kinda dissapointed. For one thing the graphics are basically the same as last years game, but that can be expected cus the ps2's graphics aren't gonna get much better. The gameplay is pretty good too except for a few problems that can be very frustrating during the game. Some of thes are the fact that the rest of your team act like they have no idea how to play soccer especially in the defense. Also when the other team has the ball the game will switch your caracter wich is fine but sometimes it will switch your person when it makes no sense to switch and to a guy that is farther away from the ball. These are just two of the problems in the game but they are very annoying. aand even with these flaws this game is still a lot of fun to play but deffinitly not the best in the series