Fifa: Road To World Cup

User Rating: 7.8 | FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 - World Cup e no Michi (PlayStation the Best) PS
Was a verd hard and long game, when he spent hours just qualifying for the world that wasnt the last of it, as you needed to play hard games against the best in the world and reach the wordl cup and the win. The hardest part was joining the South American league as you had to play the most matches on the Road, but at least it gave you the chance to play as either Argentina or Brazil, but if you wanted to be challenged, it was another story as would need to face Brazil or Argentina too book your place in the finals.

Other than the World Cup, their were other modes and I was suprised to see the leagues and cups their, but it proved the game was very good in comparison to Fifa 97 and the game made you eager to watch the real World Cup.