Not the best in the series but also not the worst!

User Rating: 7 | FIFA 19 XONE

As I've already wrote on other reviews here on GS, I'm an ocasional gamer - I have a kid and a job that basically take up lots of time and care.

So, lots of bad reviews around here. It's sad to read as I was actually able to take some juice out of this Fifa 19 game.

Comparisons between Fifa and PES have always been part of my life as I grew up - and I did play them both, a lot. Sometimes I liked PES better, some other times Fifa.

This time around my sole purpose of playing this game is pure entertainment. I pass on everything that requires a lot of time and long sessions logged in. I need to turn on the console, have fun and be able to shut it off at any moment.

And for this the Career Mode does it for me. I like the "not so deep" depth of the transfer windows and the overall office interface. I also like the fact that the teams are called by their names and not aliases as happens in PES.

As for the gameplay itself it might not be the best ever but I also admit lacking other contemporary games to compare it with.

Football games will never make it good for everyone as we all search for different things when playing them. I admit the low scores my fellow playmates are more faithful to the game quality but I can't give less that a 7 to a game that I've spent so much time playing and enjoying.