EA manages to improve on last year’s edition yet again..

User Rating: 8 | FIFA 14 PC

What is surprising about the FIFA titles is that, despite each title being pretty good themselves, EA manages to rev up their engines each year to create a football game even more realistic than the previous.

New faces, improved player likeness, better ball physics and new game modes will characterize some of the points of this years’ title, a rather enjoyable one for fans of the sport.

Apart from the usual matchday updates, player form ratings, match lobbies, online play, the FUT has been a revolution in these games of late. The perfect balance of manager mode and classic single player action combine to create a game mode where you will stay up to date with the latest happenings in world football, buy and sell players to create the ultimate team not just on paper, but on the field too where they will play according to their chemistry with each other. You can take ur team online and play against other FUTs to earn coin This mode sets FIFA apart from every other football sim in the market right now.

Yes with the huge license EA gets for these games, the huge number of leagues present is no surprise. You’ll find a few more real faces this time around and find some roster images missing, but otherwise the cast is well made to feel real.

The basic game play has remained the same. The physics engine has notched itself up a bit to make the ball go around better, and the players themselves move around more realistically, calling for the ball, falling down, expressing etc. However the PC version suffers the lack of the Ignite engine which powers the game on consoles and as a result, some of the realism has been lost in this version. Bugs are few still, as EA still struggles to find the cure to remove the bugs which make some moments downright funny, others plainly frustrating.

The crowd involvement is greater here, with more chants and jeers making some of the elite stadiums in world football come alive. Again the lack to the Ignite engine lowers their potency in a high-octane match.

Graphically and audibly surpassing its predecessors, FIFA 14 makes for a great time playing football. If you can ignore the bugs and PCs engine-handicap you’ll find yourself engrossed in the various game modes playing with and against your friends for hours long.