Fifa 14 is not what its cracked up to be

User Rating: 7 | FIFA 14 (UK) X360

FIFA14 was released with great anticipation and it fulfils this in certain aspects of the game. For example the graphics of the game are stunning; the shirts swaying as the player runs with the ball and the crisp details of the pitch will almost certainly keep your eyes glued to the pitch. The game in general is a lot better than FIFA 13 as they have focused less on pace; whilst it still remains one of the most important aspects of the game, strength, skill and your shooting stats are much more important than they were in the last game. Whilst the graphics and the matches themselves are superb there are areas of this game which need a major improvement in my opinion. One of these is how they have set up their career modes. For example the manager mode has taken a turn for the worst. They have taken a turn for the worst as nearly all of the players attributes and ratings have been hidden except for the players on your team and superstars such as Marco Reus, Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney. They have now introduced a scouting system; similar to the one that you use to scout youth players to bring into your youth academy and you find out the players attributes over a period of between 14 to 30 days. You can refine your search for players by telling your scouts to focus on one position or certain traits or by there age. While this may be good for the player who likes a challenge it will almost instantly put the players who want an easy, quick and enjoyable career as it will now take longer to build your squad up, EA must remember that this game is also played by young children too which they would find rather long and tricky. I think the solution would be to have an option to enable this feature. Another issue with this mode is the lack of jobs you can get as a manager, this means if you want to leave the club you have to lose every game and go to a poorer club after being sacked or to start a new game. Other than that the manager mode stays pretty much the same. The player career mode is a complete farce and waste of time however, it is long and dreary and there is very limited paths and options you can have and I would completely avoid it in every game of the FIFA series until they addresses this mode. The ultimate team mode however is possibly the best in the series since the launch of ultimate teams in 2011. It is an easier alternative to career mode and players are easier to obtain, unless you are trying to buy a TOTW player, which makes the game flow quicker and therefore makes it more enjoyable. I think that in my opinion the EA trax has a wide range of music tastes which helps keep everyone happy. There is a wide range of boots that players wear and they are more visible in the matches you play which now make it worth spending your coins in the EA store on new boots. I think that FIFA 14 is a good game as the matches are great to play and the graphics have been improved greatly. Despite some quite big disappointments in the game I would still recommend that you buy it but only if your not a very big career mode player as you might be sorely disappointed by it. I wouldn't say however that its the best game so far in the FIFA series, I would say that it doesn't match the enjoyment that the career modes and tournaments in FIFA 12 and 13 used to offer. It would be a pretty good buy if you can get it for under £25 though.