improved graphic but still had bugs bugging around

User Rating: 7 | FIFA 14 PS4

THE GOODS: seems like EA sport already taking it seriously this time with so much improvement in the latest installment of FIFA 14. i really wonders the creativity of the realistic graphic and environment through the game. with the gameplay and skills to be learn. the FUT was the real really make people feel addicted to the online systems.frequent server maintenance( i guess it was good too).almost flawless online/multiplayer gameplay ( i am in the east vs some european player - no lag!), but i guess i will depend on our personal connectivity( minimum 1mbps )

THE BADS: on earth a player celebrating a goal with transparency through the goal stick??? LOL.. i really cant imagine piggy back on the air! you know what i am replying on? the frustrating period is when the trasnfer market cant search the specific item in the bazaar.

OVERALL: okay,good but it really require vast improvement on the bugs that make you laugh at EA team.