A beautiful sport

User Rating: 8 | FIFA 14 XONE


FIFA is one of the longest running series right now, it has become the best soccer franchise for the last 5 years, and you feel the refinement right away, as a veteran of the series (played all of them from World Cup '98 to 2011) I notice that the game basics work the same, but it has refined player movement and ball control to feel closer to real soccer.

It has plenty of game modes most of them recurring of the series, Career allows you to play the career of a player or a General Manager, with plenty of options and details to get you closer to playing either role on your favorite club, it brings plenty of cool stuff to the table from playing a league to get to the World cup as a player of your desired nation.

Ultimate team, brings a game based on cards featuring players which you can use to improve your team, from pro players to boosters, it has the option of unlocking new cards by playing, or the now ever present micro transactions, the best part of this game mode is bringing your team and playing against other players teams, which ignites the competition.

It also features connected careers which allows you to play seasons online with plenty of players, which get really interesting oif you have enough players to start a league, and compete against friends/rivals.

The presentation department for FIFA 14 is unstable on one hand you have amazing animations and lifelike stadiums, filledwith 3D models of spectators who react to goals and other stuff on the matches, and the other hand has somewhat lackluster graphics, with players skin textures and uniformes, not looking as good as they should, the sound department as usual is solid, and finally the menus for the game are pretty intuitive, bringing to the home page the game modes your play the most, so you can have them at reach anytime.Also the game has an in game challenge mode which allows you to practice and improve your skills.

On closing comments FIFA 14 is a fantastic Football, or soccer (Depending where you live) game which brings some of the gameplay and with an avalanche of game options and a lot of teams to choose from, you will enjoy it, specially if you are a fan of football, and I am pretty curious about the series in the next installment.