Worst fifa ever !! total waste of money

User Rating: 2 | FIFA 14 (French) PC
where do i begin this game is flawed in every possible way..
1st the AI, you defenders just wander around and don't charge and defend leaving unmarked strikers alone.. also your forwards just stand there when you attack .. even when you change the stance to ultra attacking.. your team just wanders around.

2nd, controls ! its beyond bad passing is horrible even when i set passing to manual or assisted it's still extremely bad ! why did they change it from fifa 13 ( although it was also bad but at least your defenders don't give passes to strikers)

3rd. the ball is so fast and bounces a lot off the ground.

4th. overpowered teams !! i played fifa 13 and stayed a while in division one but here from the 10th division if i play against madrid i cant even go past the midfield ( i play as juventus), they are so overated, players i never heard of own vidal and pirlo and all of my team easily.. who on earth is carvajal ? he's extremely fast you cant go past him and he dribbles like maradona.

the worst ever in the series. avoid unless you're a fan of real madrid or other overated club in this game