As a Highly-Ranked FIFA Player... This is, by far, the best FIFA of the franchise's very long run.

User Rating: 9 | FIFA 14 PS3
As a top player in the FIFA community (#54 all-time FIFA 11 & #83 all-time FIFA 12... very busy during FIFA 13 to care as much [325-98-127]), I have to say that the user scores for this game seem to be quite disingenuous or based off of never playing the game in-depth. This is, by far, the best FIFA of the franchise's very long run. The mechanics of the players this year are a vast improvement, as well as the AI.

Yes, I was that guy who buried people by keeping an all-out, 100% paced, high-tempo attack and using a rock-solid defense to allow less than 1.1 GA/G. This year's FIFA does not allow for that as much. While that frustrated me a bit, I have to appreciate the fact that the realism is more important than my tactics... It's important to note that with the improved AI, you don't need to and should not go all-out. Methodical passing and control far outweighs trying to outrun the defense. I haven't had the chance to play as much online yet that I would like to, but from what I have seen so far, the game is a lock for sports game of the year.

I would go more into things, but I am constrained on time. FIFA 14 was well worth the wait, and after playing competitively for years in this series (7 years), I am finally going to give Ultimate Team a try. I purchase three games per year and FIFA always worries me that I will be disappointed... nothing to worry about for another year. Incredible game. It will be interesting to see it on the XBone & PS4.