Suarez or Reus?

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So I'm a new player on fifa and I'm having a lot of fun. Im making my ultimate team and I'm wondering, would you guys rather have marco reus or luis suarez as your CF? I'm torn between the two! please help
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as much as i love reus, hes really weak, i would go suarez
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Don't know about the game, but in real life Suarez is way better than Reus.
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Actually it depends on your playing and attacking style. Suarez is a more complete forward and Reus is a supporting forward. If you like counter-attacks, through balls etc. then Reus' speed would be pretty useful for you. At the other hand if you are planning to have a more possession football then the technically gifted and also more balances Suarez would be a better choice.
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You sure you watch real football? They're both world class players on their day, but Reus is far more consistent. In fact, the latest ratings and rankings have him at #7 PERIOD.