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Im surprised that this game managed to get 7.4 score. Why?

1) Players can't run. They move like they're stuck in mud. Acceleration is a joke. I move faster with broken leg.

2) Tackling is worse than ever. I mean, come on... Does almost every tackle attempt have to end with ball magically bouncing back to attacker even if I have 2-3 players closer to ball?

3) Ball control. Joke. Plain and simple. Players with ball control over 85 can't perform first touch after which ball doesn't end up 2 meters away from them. Little randomness in that matter was good in previous game, but now it became one of the major factors during match. Sometimes its not about who is better player but whos players managed to have less fails on first touches.

4) Scripts. Oh, no no no. Don't tell me they dont exist. Have anyone experienced those weird games against AI when 20 shots somehow misses, or are constantly blocked. When AI scores goals after 3-4 "lucky" ricochets? Defenders not able to move to the ball 3 meters from them? CBs and CDMs simply... gone? Ai goalkeeper with 70 overall defending consecutive shots from 6 meters?

Damn, I have waited for this game. Fifa 13 was awesome, but 14? Sorry, im out. Maybe someone gonna like what they did to this game - good for them. For me it sucks and its simply no fun to play.

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I am so mad and frustrated on this game i started searching for forums to express my anger. The 7.4 score is astronomical. This is probably one of the worst fifa games ever released. Can't compare it with Fifa 13. Trying to copy some PES features doomed the overall gameplay and Script problem is just infuriating. Red cards, silly penalties, impossible GK saves after i'm leading just to piss me off. I'm playing since Fifa 99 and am a big fan, but this particular game is a disaster. Simply can't have fun with it.

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I agree, but what can we do? I simply can't play FIFA 13 anymore.