It's sad how much better PES 2014 plays and looks in comparison to Fifa 14.

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Seems Fifa peaked at 12 and has gone downhill ever since. I don't know why they decided to slow down the gameplay and make the ball feel floaty. If that is their way of trying to make it closer to a simulation then it's obvious the guys working on this game don't actually watch real games...they're never that slow.

The only good thing I can say about that demo was your team's AI make smarter runs. Everything else has either remained the same or feels tacked on and gimmicky. Looks like I will be switching over to PES again...first time since Winning Eleven 9.

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I think it comes down to taste. Personally I dont like the way PES2014 plays. It feels fundamentally broken. Also I cant say that it looks any better. If anything it looks worse too me. Then again when it comes down to Football games in general they ceased to amaze me since 1999 when it comes to the way it looks. Always seem to run years behind in comparison to other games.