Is "Seasons" in FIFA 14 on PC as good as it is on XBOX360?

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Posted by Ponymontana1 (25 posts) 4 years, 2 months ago

Poll: Is "Seasons" in FIFA 14 on PC as good as it is on XBOX360? (0 votes)

Hell yeah, it's much better on PC (please comment why) 0%
It's not a significant difference in "Seasons" on PC vs XBOX - same experience 0%
Hell no, "Seasons" is cr*p on PC 0%

I have been playing FIFA 13 on an XBOX 360 in "Seasons" for a few months now and I'm thinking to buy FIFA 14 for PC. I am mainly interested in the "Seasons" part of it. Will use the same Xbox360 controller.

I am a bit reluctant to buy it on PC as I fear there will be very few players playing online.

Judging by the number of reviews, there are probably 20 times more players on Xbox.

For those of you who have experience of playing FIFA on PC vs Xbox360:

1. Are waiting times to get an opponent significantly greater for PC?

2. I'm a steady 2nd division level on Xbox 360. Will there be enough of a challenge for me on PC haha? I don't want to be winning the title in 1st Division every season.

3. How many divisions are there on FIFA on PC?

4. Is lag a bigger problem for PC vs Xbox? I had no more than 1 in 10 laggy games on Xbox.

5. Any advantages/disadvantages for PC vs XBOX for FIFA 14?