FUT-Store Sells FUT 14 Coins now!!

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Hello everybody. My website, http://www.fut-store.com is now selling FIFA 14 coins. Since the Web App was just released yesterday, the stock is limited. However, everything on the site right now that isn't marked as out of stock is currently in stock. Prices of players are fairly low right now. For example, a player that is 20k right now such as a benzema will go up to around 60-70k when the actual game comes out. That is why you should buy your coins now. Buy good players now, and you will make a HUGE profit in around 2 weeks. Currently, our site is the cheapest for FIFA 14 right now. Very few sites have it at the moment (maybe 2-3) and out of those, we are the cheapest. After your order, we will make prompt delivery in minutes, but please allow up to an hour as we are making some modifications to the site. Remember, everything that isnt marked out of stock is in stock right now, so dont hesitate to order. Hope to see you in my shop!