FIFA 14 and PES 2014, which one is better?

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It seems the release date is near. I didn't preorder, actually I'm considering which one should I buy. After all, they are the same type. I'm going to buy on CDkeyvast cause it's rather cheap, but when I asked the differences of these two, the staff of the store explained in a much too professional way. His service attitude is good, but I just cannot understand. I haven't played much games. Is there someone who can help me?
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fifa 14, much better game, i have nothing against pes but fifa 14 is more fun and more realistic plus there is ultimate team which is really nice
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Okay there aren't actually much of a competition here. Since 2008, FIFA has been clearly the superior game. The difference is pretty much like GTA and Saints Row series. So if you are going to buy only one of them, I would strongly suggest for you to go with FIFA. It has a much better engine, fully licensed clubs and players, better game modes and pretty much everything actually. Also I wouldn't even suggest PES as an alternative this year; because their new gameplay engines surely have some potential but needs so much work before being even playable in my opinion.
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ive played both and it seems the answer is the same as it is every year.


ive been saying this for years now. fifa is a better game whereas Pro is a better football game.

playing a game against ur mate as he sits next to you has allways been a better experience on Pro. but fifa wins in the one player experience (pro has actually somehow managed to make it worse this year) the ultimate team is amazing.

pro evo atleast used to have better graphics in terms of the players faces and actually looking like your watching a live match, they let themselves down this year. fifa has over taken it but then i cant for the life of me work out which player is which on the pitch just by looking at them so the graphics still aint great.


i died a little inside when i bought a fifa game for myself for the first time ever this year as i have generally taken it upon myself to be the pro evo spokesperson but they have seriously shot themselves in the foot.


anyways happy fifaing (i dont know the terminology yet)

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It's equally bad this year. I'll be playihng FIFA 13 this year.

Hopefully the XboxOne/PS4 version of both games are better than this.