Tried it and i've tried so hard to like it but it's bad.

User Rating: 5 | FIFA 07 Soccer X360
I've had Pro Evo 6 for a while now but as some of my friends have got Fifa07 I decided to buy it (£30 so I thought ok why not).
I played (and won) the first few games of the season and I wasn't that impressed but thought "give it time and i'll start to get into it". I then tried it out on Xbox Live. My friends beat me as I expected (no lag) but it felt pretty much the same as the season.
So... I thought to myself "it's missing something", then it hit me. Not once did I feel any excitement. Not once did I get a rush of adrenaline like you do in Pro Evo. I tried several of the best teams and the players felt like they were running in custard. Turning a player sometimes when you're sprinting has a 30 foot turning circle. You get so frustrated with your team and whoever says the players AI is good must be blind. So many times my players seemed to be just standing around ball watching and not making obvious runs. Not getting into general obvious position. I found myself just wanting the match to end.
The graphics and commentary is much better than Pro Evo 6 (I love the graphics) but when it comes to which one I would pick... It would be Pro Evo 6 everytime, by a mile. I do enjoy Pro Evo 6. It has it's flaws also but it's definately the "footballers" football game.
I'm so disappointed with it. How can EA, after so many versions of Fifa get it this bad? EA should have this genre down to a fine art.